Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Bad Just Got Better!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Games
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Platform: Xbox 360, ps3, pc

Battlefield Bad Company 2 exploded onto our platforms with a really loud bang.  It has got it all – from deafening explosions to destruction all around you, this really is the best online shooter out there at the moment.  The Battlefield series has always been known for its spectacular online play, but let’s not take anything away from the single player mode that is optional on this game.  It is a good addition, and whilst you’re waiting for your friends to come and join you online, I suppose it helps pass the time, however don’t go into the single player campaign with a casual head on, because it is not easy.  It is also less fun than the online play, due to the fact that the AI of the enemies isn’t as great as the AI of your online friends! The enemies are easy to find, they don’t sneak up on you like your opponents would online and they’re just less fun to kill.  Don’t get me wrong, the single player mode isn’t all bad, it has wonderful voice acting, beautiful graphics, you can drive vehicles just like online, and there is just the same amount of destruction going off as there would be in the online mode, but it doesn’t give you the same type of satisfaction killing an enemy as it would online when you finally get your comeuppance against that annoying player who has had it in for you all game, and with the single player being the first option you come to on the games menu, it feels as though the developers were trying to make Battlefield Bad Company 2 more about the single player than the multiplayer – or maybe that’s just me nit-picking. 

The story has a typical war feel to it, with the Russians in possession of a part for a scalar weapon, and it is up to you and your squad to prevent them from using it.  The single player is playable, but it doesn’t really have any replay value.  Stick to the online play to really discover the game’s true potential.

The online mode is what this game is really about, and boy does it deliver!  You can choose between a number of army classes before you go out onto the battlefield, each with their own different weapons/gadgets selection.  You will eventually unlock new guns/gadgets the more you play as that class, which gives the online play something to really aim for.  It would have been nice to even the online games out, where the beginners who don’t have the best weapons could be up against others in the same position instead of being placed up against a squad that has been playing the game on a regular basis, with all of the best weapons at hand to their advantage.  You will need to stay behind cover a lot, because the amount of demolition around you can often be quite devastating, but it is fun to be taking cover inside a house to then see the roof blow off above your head and to see the side of the house tumble down beside you.  The key is to keep moving, to keep hiding and not to go out guns blazing, which might work to your advantage in single player mode, but not in multiplayer.  Just about everything is destructable – from trees, to vehicles, to houses, to boats…nowhere is safe, making the mayhem feel as though you are on a proper battlefield. 

The vehicles are really exciting to drive, especially as you’re trying to dodge all of the incoming bullets and grenades at the same time!  They are wonderful for transporting you to the other side of the map and back, especially delightful when you have recently spawned in the middle of nowhere and all of the action is happening at the other side of the level.  I often stop to give people on my team a lift and I think it’s a lovely gesture when people do this for you in return…however the chances of this happening are rare.

There are also different modes to play online.  These are Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush and Squad Death Match.  My personal favourite is the conquest mode, which is where you have to capture and hold onto the flags for as long as possible, with the winner being the squad with the most flags.  Rush is where you have to defend or destroy (depending on your orders) a pair of M-COM stations – Squad Rush is very similar, only difference being it is two squads going head to head.  Squad Death Match is a close favourite of mine as it is simple – kill the other squads!  First squad to reach fifty kills wins. 

There is plenty to do and plenty of fun to be had online, almost making that Xbox Live Gold worth paying for.


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