The Breakfast Club

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Films
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Starring: Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall

Director: John Hughes

Year: 1985

Remember detention? Remember pissing off the teachers? Remember ever wondering where your life was heading once graduated? Ever felt as though you needed to be a part of a certain crowd? Yes, that’s how school used to be for me and a majority of other people too.  I guess it’s true what they say – ‘school days were the best days of your life’, and this film helps you re-live those memories.

This is the definitive ’80’s teen movie, where five students who are all strangers to one another are made to sit through a Saturday detention in the High School library.  Each student has a different background, a different way of life and it’s interesting to see the way that these backgrounds give them their individual personalities.  In the outside world they each have a reputation – the jock, the criminal, the Princess, the brain and the kook, but whilst they share each others company in the High School library for a whole day, they are known to each other as ‘The Breakfast Club’.

The emotions the characters show are quite devastating at times when it comes to hearing their background stories, where they come from and which crowd they have fallen into.  The character that stands out the most for me is ‘the criminal’ John Bender, played by Judd Nelson.  I think Nelson portrays the character very well, with his troubled upbringing, his criminal background and the way he annoys and angers the Principal (Paul Gleason) is often humorous!

The film delivers humour well, with one of the most classic scenes being where the students try their hardest to avoid bumping into the Principal whilst roaming the corridors.  This panic-stricken moment really brings the film to life, as it does seem to start off rather slow.

It’s nice to have humour in any film, but to me this film is more about the emotion, the wanting, the despair, the desperation of a teenager – that’s why I love this film so much.  Anyone can relate to this movie because all of us have been there, we have all attended school and we have all been in a similar situation, whether be young or old.

Although this film is classed as a comedy, I would say that it’s much more than that.  The film brings with it lots of attitude and for that reason, it still stands as one of the best teen movies ever made.


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