Premier Manager

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Games
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Platform: Sega Megadrive

I remember receiving this game as a kid one christmas, really excited about the prospect of playing it – to then have my delight for the game ruined by bugs and freezing problems.  Yes – games even suffered from faults back then.  It’s not just an Xbox thing. 

The game is quite difficult, depending on your chosen club.  It is your job as manager to hire and fire the right staff and players, develop the youth team and deal with squad injuries in the appropriate manner in order to help raise your team into the top flight of the beautiful game.  But a beautiful game it is not.  The game was released full of major bugs and most of my friends who had bought copies couldn’t even get theirs to work on their system at all.  I find it pathetic and ridiculously selfish when companies release games that are clearly unfinished and broken.  It still happens today, only nowadays we have the capabilities of being able to ‘patch’ the games ourselves.

The game contains graphics that are mainly text-based, but the main menus have detailed icons and are rather colourful, which helps give the game a bit of character.  In terms of gameplay, you have to build a squad that can win matches on a regular basis and make sure that all of the players are happy by allowing them to play regularly.  Doing all of this can prevent you from getting the sack by the board, because if that losing streak starts to gradually appear and your players start to become unhappy, you will eventually get the chop.  However, due to a possible bug, you can get the sack even if you do win on a regular basis, which is highly frustrating and makes you think ‘just what is the point in me playing this game?’

Another frustration that stood out for me and left me tearing my hair out, was when your star player decided that he’d had enough of earning £60,000 a week, to then hang up his boots at the ridiculous age of twenty-three to work in a pub.  To me, that is very unrealistic and it happens on a regular basis in the game, almost making it impossible to build yourself a great team. 

You do start to feel rewarded though when your club is able to afford to upgrade the stadium – usually from the money you have earned from transfer dealings or winning a domestic cup.   You need to choose your squad wisely before each match, as some players will start to get tired if played on a regular basis, and if you play them with a low fitness, they are more liable to pick up an injury.  A good formation selection is key because this will determine how well your players will connect with one another during a match, and you may need to change things around slightly when it comes to playing against the big teams.  You really need a brain for this.

A great game is however ruined by the glitches as previously mentioned.  Saved games will sometimes vanish and team names will be replaced with outrageous words.  One word that I witnessed was a team called ‘Green’ and all of the players names were jumbled and made no sense at all.  To cover up the disappointment, we would just laugh about it.  It was a disappointing Christmas present for me, as I had been looking forward to playing it for some time, but despite the bugs I do have some nice, pleasurable memories of playing this game with the family because it is great nostalgia for me.    

Nostalgia aside – if you are going to release a ‘good’ game, at least make sure it is in working order first.  The game was unfinished, there were bugs galore and the unrealistic nature of the footballing world that it had adapted to was just ridiculous and frustrating.  I wouldn’t pick this game up if I saw it for 99p in a bargain bin, it really did frustrate me that much.

Buy a bag of chips instead.


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