The Witcher – Cursed By Bugs

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Games
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Platform: PC

What a shame.  What a real shame.  This game is one of the best RPG’s out there, only to be infected with freezing issues galore.  The longest I can play this game before it freezes up on me is 10 minutes.  I bought this game knowing that it was buggy, but I know that some people got lucky – with it working fine for them.  Well more fool me.  I got it home, played around with the graphics settings for it was rather slow (with everything on high the graphics are very nice) and I started the game.  The game starts off with the background story and allows you to practice your combat skills before the real stuff starts in Chapter 1.  This had me gripped and I couldn’t wait for the hardcore stuff to begin!  Alas, for how things changed.  Chapter 1 wouldn’t even load for me, resulting in my laptop to completely freeze, with me having to turn it off via the power button.  I tried it again, and it was still the same.  I then made my legs walk me to the pub where I was greeted by friends.  I got home later, rather tired and drunk, but decided to give the game one more go.  I loaded up my previous save where it took me to the loading point of chapter 1 – where to my surprise it loaded!  It took me to a cut scene and then a random battle with some green fur coated dogs.  Then it froze, and I went to sleep. 

The next day I had another bash (this is dedication) and I managed to progress a bit further into chapter 1 and started to really enjoy it again – only to then have it freeze on loading screens yet again.  This is currently where I am at.

It is hard for me to give this game a review having not been given a fair chance by Bioware’s engine to play it properly and feel a little ripped off.  The good thing with pc gaming is, that there are always patches and mods you can download for free that help fix certain problems like this.  But this problem seems to have been around for a couple of years now and having browsed many forums, people are still none the wiser about how to get past this awful disease.

But seeing as this is a review site, I will try to go off what I have managed to play so far.  You can play the game in third person or top down.  I prefer the third person mode because it allows you to marvel at the graphics more in close up!  You play a Witcher, someone who goes around killing monsters basically.  The main mission involves you trying to hunt down the people responsible for killing your friend and the theft of some dear things you own.  The combat is intriguing, because it has never been used in a game like this before.  The combat is quite action-based, where you click the enemy with your mouse button and your character will pull off some fantastic dazzling special moves – but only if you get it right.  Your sword will have a flame appear on it, and when that happens, you have to click your button in for the special move to take place.  If you don’t press it in time then the attack breaks down.

The voice acting is a little cringe worthy in places, but not as bad as other games out there.  For example, Oblivion’s voice acting has no emotion involved whatsoever, so at least this game does, giving it a lot more character.  It looks like there is lots to do in the game.  At the start of chapter 1 you get to accept missions to do from the billboards outside Inns, and you can also get drunk at the bar and do a little fist fighting.  This was very amusing and kept me rather entertained for the full 10 minutes it was on before it went into meltdown.

If you want to take the risk, then buy this game because it is bloody brilliant and it does run fine on some people’s computers.  If however you are too scared to buy it due to its freezing problems, then I can’t blame you.  Why this game is still on the shelf in this unplayable state is beyond me.  Due to the awful bugs I am experiencing with this game, it has to get a low score from me.


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