DC Universe Online – ‘POW!’ ‘CRASH!’ ‘BANG!’

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Games
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Platform: PC, PS3

Being a DC comic fan, I was highly anticipating the release of this game.  When I first found out it was £10.00 a month to play, my anticipation went down a notch – but I still decided to shove the thing in my shopping trolley regardless.  This is a SONY Online exclusive and is available for PS3 and PC only, this review being based on the latter.

So first things first, you create yourself a superhero.  You can be a hero or a villain and choose the costume you wear. Erm…that’s about it really.  I thought there would be a bit more customization than there is, but they have allowed you to find/buy bits of extra clothing in the game which makes it interesting.  I suppose.  One really cool thing in this game that stands out for me, is that when you find a piece of armour that has better stats than the piece you have on, you don’t have to change the way your hero/villain looks when you equip it.  You click on the styles tab and you can dress your charcter the way you want them to look – whilst still keeping the same stats of the eqipment you just picked up.  Seeing as being a Superhero is all about how you look, I think this a wonderful idea to keep that image all through the game. 

Events (missions) happen automatically as you start a new area, unlike WoW where you have to go looking for the missions yourself.  This does make the game fast paced and keeps the storyline flowing.  The action is also very fast, where you constantly have to button bash the mouse buttons to kill your enemies.  As you level up, you unlock new skills of your choice, which allows you to pull off these moves with the mouse buttons (hold down left mouse button and tap right) little things like that…the only problem I have with that is that I often forget what the sequences are and end up just using my normal attack.  Speaking of levelling up, the level cap on this game is 30.  If you have no life and you decide to play this game ever hour of every day without going to bed, you will reach the level cap in just under two days.  Just like Guild Wars, the developers have allowed players to have a level cap at such an early stage so that the PVP events aren’t so unfair.  Fair play, and the level cap doesn’t annoy me anyway, actually, it excites me getting there as once you hit 30, you get to join in on raids and play some ‘hard’ missions whilst also being able to equip all of the level 30 equipment! Hozzah!

This game does have its flaws however,  sometimes the servers can be laggy and down at peak times, but we understand that this is not the games fault so we won’t criticise it for that.  This game has also been online for only about 4 weeks now so of course, nothing will be running ultra smooth yet.  One thing I would like to see added as a new feature, is a trade store where you can trade equipment with other players.  Apparently you can do this through the chat system, but I find the chat system quite awkward to use and it is a feature that they really need to address as sometimes it can be very unresponsive.

Because I am a massive DC fan I am going to give this game a 7, for it doesn’t deserve a 10 just yet as it is only just getting going and lacking some important features.  However, if SONY don’t go back on their promise and update this game every month with new missions/events, then this game could be getting a 10 in the near future.


  1. Thank you this was very detailed. I just received mine in the mail so I’m going to give it a try. Hopefully the lack of customization doesn’t bug me too much!

  2. fazor3d says:

    I thought this game looked intersting, but my laptop wouldn’t run the PC version, and I don’t have a PS3 (yet anyway! heh.)

    I’m an MMO fan, but I admit I’m a sucker for loot. I just think getting new and improved gear is exciting. That’s been the part about super-hero MMOs that is kind of a bummer. Since the suit/appearance is so much of who a super hero is, you have to have all the options available to the player in the beginning so they can make their unique hero. But this means there’s not much room for gear improvement as you progress through the game.

    Anyway, I’ll be watching DC Online to see how it grows. I’m hopeing to get a PS3 in the next few months, bank account willing, so maybe I’ll check it out then.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Lauren Coupe says:

    Hi fazor. I should have mentioned this in the review really, and will edit it in: you collect suit parts and weapons throughout the game and you can equip them without having to change the way you look. For instance, you find a new pair of trousers that have better stats than the pair you have on, and once equipped you go onto what is called ‘style’ tab and you can put the original trousers you had on back on your hero, whilst keepig the same stats you have picked up on the other trousers. I hope this makes sense, and thank you for the comment. 🙂

  4. fazor3d says:

    Ah; well you did sort of mention the armor upgrades. Still, evolving your character’s look from raggedy cloth armor to spikey, intimidating ‘elite’ armor is something I always miss — but would be out of place, I think. It’s cool, then, that they still give you the ability to find and upgrade equipment while maintaining your chosen hero’s look. I’d really like to check the game out . . . maybe I can talk my girlfriend into buying me that PS3 for my birthday in April. Ha.

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