Skool Daze

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Games
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Platform: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64

I don’t remember the Spectrum we owned too well.  I don’t even recall what model it was, all I remember was that it made an awful noise whenever it came to loading a game.  None of the games themselves really stood out for me as much as this one.  You could say that it is the original Bully:Scholarship Edition.  It’s certainly where Rockstar must have taken some inspiration from.

You play a student called Eric.  The aim of the game sounds simple.  You have to steal your report card from the safe that lingers in the staffroom so that you don’t get into trouble from your parents.  It’s not an easy task at all though, for to be able to do this you have to collect four letters, each in the possession of a teacher, to unlock the code on the safe.  This is where troublesome Eric has his uses.  To get the combination letter off each teacher, Eric has to catapult shields that are hanging up on school walls.  Once all of the shields are flashing after being hit, the teachers will then tell Eric what the letter is they keep (after Eric knocks them out with his catapult!)  Wow, I wish my teachers had been so understanding!  Hitting the shields isn’t an easy task though, as some are in hard to reach places and need extra attention.

Apart from the main plot, there are other things to do like attending lessons and assembly for example.  Yes I know, you was a kid in the 1980’s and when you came home from school the last thing you wanted to do was play this game and attend more lessons….but it is actually fun.  You get to write silly things on the blackboard before the teacher enters the classroom, and if you want to be really naughty you can refuse to sit down when the teacher enters, which makes him really angry.  It isn’t wise though, for if you are caught doing naughty things, you get lines.  If you collect over 10000 lines, then it is game over for poor boy Eric as he is expelled.

I love this game, and although it hasn’t aged well at all (name me a Spectrum game that has) it never grows old in terms of replay value.  This game also has some nostalgia value for me, and I just can’t help but play it with a smile across my face.


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