The Witcher (Re-Review) The Curse Is Lifted

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Games
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Platform: PC

Remember some time ago I reviewed this game and gave it quite  a low score for its glitches?  Well, I have changed my mind.  This is allowed, because it is my blog!  (Sticky-out tongue).  The reason I have changed my mind, is because the game now works fine and is so bloody fantastic!  It seriously is one of the best RPG’s I have played in recent years, and I am happy to report that is also a PC exclusive.  The storyline is enthralling, with surprising twists and turns along the way that just leave you wanting more and leaves you not being able to stop playing for eight hours straight, sometimes longer.

You are a Witcher called Geralt.  Your safehouse and friends were attacked by powerful mages known as the Salamandra, and they stole something precious that belonged to you and the remaining witchers.  It is your job to get it back and get revenge on the Salamandra. 

There are lots of side missions to do on your travels, which makes each chapter last hours.  I wouldn’t say it’s free-roam, for the chapters restrict you from entering areas that haven’t been discovered yet.

The graphics are pretty decent for a game that was released about 4 years ago, and the style of play is your choice.  You can either play High Isometric (my favourite) which makes you have to point and click to where you want to go/fight, reminding me of Neverwinter Nights, Low Isometric which is similar but closer into the action, or OTS style, which is prefferred by many gamers nowadays as you feel as though your more involved with the the action.  I think this is an interesting feature to have, and I would like to see it featured in The Witcher 2 that is coming this Summer.

Armour isn’t very common in this game, Geralt only seems to have a couple of pieces of armour to unlock throughout the whole game and some weapons you can buy are a bit pointless.  For instance, I have a Witchers Sword (the sword you start with and is used for killing humans), a silver sword (a sword used for killing monsters/ghosts), an axe (What’s it for? I never use) and a little dagger (again…what’s it for?).  A little birdy does tell me however that if you put the difficulty setting on hard, you will need to use these weapons more frequently.

The fighting style takes some getting used to.  It’s point and click, but not in the style of WoW or anything like that.  When Geralt attacks, a little tiny sword icon appears now and again with a flame around it, and when this happens, you have to click the left mouse button.  Get this spot on, and you should have no problems.  When on the hard difficulty setting, there is no flaming sword icon, you just have to guess.  Eeeek.

There is a lot of sex in this game, and I mean a lot.  There is also a lot of swearing too, and blood and guts, so it is quite a mature game with the age rating being an 18, so keep it away from your kids at all costs if you don’t want them to start having sex any time soon.  What?  They say games influence the mind…just saying!

I do sometimes get the odd glitch here and there, but nothing as bad as before.  Want to know what was wrong with it?  Well it turns out that there is a memory leak in the game which doesn’t allow you to install the game on any other drive apart from drive C.  I originally had it installed on drive D.  If anyone out there has managed to play it on any drive except C, let me know. 

Sometimes the graphics can stop functioning properly, one example being where the tree leaves didn’t load in and instead were just big, chunky white squares.  This goes away on its own after a while though, but it can be a big distraction.

Because some traces of glitches are still there, especially when you enter chapter 3, this game gets a 9.  If it wasn’t for these problems, it would get a 10 from me.  I guess we’ll save that one for The Witcher 2 (fingers crossed).


  1. I’m kinda annoyed I never got around to playing this game when it was new. I got into Dragon Age and that supposedly did what this game tried but better. Do you think I should go and try The Witcher considering this?

  2. Lauren Coupe says:

    I’m not a massive fan of Dragon Age, but I think that’s just because I played the xbox version…I hear it’s better on the pc. The Witcher is totally different, you can’t really compare them seeing as you don’t have a party to control or anything like that in TW. The action is also very action based…and the story is rather a slow starter, and some people have complained at it being too boring for their liking and giving up on the game come chapter 2. But if you’re into hardcore RPG’s with a deep storyline…then give it a go I say. It’s certainly my favourite RPG of recent times. Just remember to install it on Drive C! 😉 Hope this was helpful to you.

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