The Green Hornet

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Films
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Starring: Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Jay Chou

Director: Michel Gondry

Year: 2011

I have never had the pleasure of reading The Green Hornet comics, but it is something I would like to get around to doing.  The majority claim that this film sucks in comparison with the comics and that it is basically just another cheesy, rushed, comic book/superhero cash-in.  I personally feel that it could have been better if it was more serious and cut the crap humour out.  Why do these writers feel as though all superhero movies have to be funny?  It just doesn’t work.  To the comic world, superheroes are serious, kick ass people whom you don’t want to mess with!  Not these dorky idiots we often see in the films that crack lame ass jokes and have cheesy dialogue.

The special effects however are top-notch, and that’s what helps this film along.  The Hornet car is a really good-looking model, and I really enjoyed the way they allowed it to transform into different shapes.

So what’s the storyline like?  Well, it’s not THAT bad, but does feel a little pointless.  Britt (Seth Rogen) convinces his late father’s mechanic Kato (Chou), to help him fight crime and get revenge on a man his father was willing to expose called Benjamin Chudnofsky (Waltz), who is attempting to recruit all of the local villains.  Britt also hires a lady named Lenore Case (Diaz) to be his personal researcher and assistant.  Britt and Kato go out fighting crime in disguises, and find themselves regulars on the news, whilst also making many enemies for their heroic acts.  I just kept thinking back to the times when Bruce Lee was playing Kato in that god damn awful tv show, and it got me thinking, maybe this whole storyline would have been better and more interesting if it had been a tv show instead of a film.

As you can tell, the storyline is just a boring mess.  I had high hopes for this film, but the silly humour and rubbish storyline ruined it for me.  The acting and the special effects weren’t that bad however, and the car was the best bit about this movie for me.  It’s one of those films you don’t really have to give your full attention to though, as nothing really major happens.

As bad as this film turned out, it still made quite a bit of money at the box office so don’t be surprised if we see a Green Hornet 2.  I just hope it has a better storyline than this.  But I fear the cheese will still be there.

It gets a 6 for the car.


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