Super Hang On

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Games
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Platform: Sega Megadrive, GBA, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore 64, Virtual Console

This, apart from Road Rash, is one of the best motorbike racing games I have ever played!  I always find the newer motorbike games for these modern-day consoles hard to control, and easy for your rider to fall off…maybe that’s just because I’m a girl.  This game was simple in comparison.

There are two modes in this game.  One is Arcade and the other is Original.  If you want to just quickly dive in there and play through swiftly, then Arcade Mode is for you.  If however you fancy getting your teeth into something, then original mode it is, which in other words means ‘career mode’.

In original mode you race on various different stages, and the aim of the game is to beat your rivals lap time.  You have to be able to do this five times, before moving onto the next rival.  To start off with, your bike feels a bit sluggish and it’s quite stiff to maneuver, but as you upgrade and get better mechanics, things start to feel a lot easier in terms of steering and staying on the track.

You hire a mechanic and you upgrade your bike when you can afford to.  It’s always important that you use the mechanic feature, because your bike needs to be in good shape, as the game gets a lot harder the more you progress.  You can upgrade your mechanic as time goes on, and the better they are, the more bike parts become available to you.  If you win a certain amount of races, you earn yourself  better sponsorship deals, which helps rake in more money.  More money equals better bike.

The graphics in this game are pretty, with lots of nice contrasting colours to admire as you go speeding by, and there are different roadside objects to pass, depending on the track.  The sky is a nice blue, with lots of fluffy clouds, and the sun is often set in the background, which gives the game such a nice bright feel to it.

The game isn’t easy, and you will find it frustrating at times, especially when you turn a corner too swiftly and you come flying off the bike.  As the game gets harder, you have to try not to fall off at all, just to be able to beat your rivals time – which can be a real struggle as it is hard to get back onto the track once you’ve come off it, and it caused me to throw the pad at times.

It’s challenging, but good.  It’s fun to play, and has one of the best career modes in a racing game I have witnessed. 


  1. Keeper Garrett says:

    Ahhh I used to play this a lot back in the day (1988) at my Uncle’s. When we got it on our Amiga 500 it never loaded the last track or finished the intro music. This was because we didn’t have the extra 512kb memory expansion.

    Those were the days!

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