RealSports Boxing – Button Bashing Mayhem!

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Games
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Platform: Atari 2600

Remember the Atari 2600 joystick?  It was a stick that stuck up in the middle of the pad, with a red button in the corner.  It actually looked rather rude if you’re a pervert like myself.

You will find yourself frantically pulling and pushing the stick in all directions as the sweat builds up on the palms of your hands during this game.  It is basically a button basher, and there isn’t really much skill involved at all.  You move your boxer around the ring using the stick, and you punch your opponent with the red button.  Each boxer has four moves, and they are all the same for each.  Block, punch with other hand, punch forward and punch upward.  I was quite insane during my younger years, and I often ended up putting my mouth around the stick, using my teeth for extra grip to give my hands a rest whilst they got tired.  Don’t try that at home kids.  Tastes revolting.

There are four boxers you can choose from in the game.  They all have rather silly names, and it makes you realise that this game was created by a rather silly person.  We have Lefty O’Leary, Jabbin’ Jack, Macho Man and Iron Fists.  These names bring humour to the game, and it makes you not take it too seriously.

There is a multiplayer mode and a single player mode.  It’s more fun playing in multiplayer mode, but it ends up being all about who can bash the button the quickest more than who is the most skillful.  There is a countdown at the bottom of the screen for each round, and once the round is up, your boxer goes into their corner for a little rest.  Believe me, that little rest helps your hands too.  But only temporary, because a few seconds later, you’re back in the ring again.  There isn’t any of that ‘repair your boxer’ stuff you have on Fight Night at the end of each round.  The boxers automatically freshen up and are ready to go all over again.

The graphics are quite cute, and for how old it is, they don’t really look that bad.  I’m sure some would disagree, but for a retro gamer like myself, I have seen far worse.

Remember to give your fingers a rest once in a while whilst playing this.  I’m pretty sure this game is down to why a couple of my fingers now look slightly bent.  All in all, it’s a game that has managed to stand the test of time over the years in terms of fun, but if you’re into the more serious boxing games, then stick to Fight Night.


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