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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Games
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Platform: NES

I must admit, it took me a good few years to admit that I actually like this game. Twenty years, in fact.  I recently got into playing it again, and I actually enjoy it.  This is the Zelda game that many fans of the series are divided about.  You’ve got a bunch of fans on the left saying that it’s awful because it plays nothing like the first game, but then you also have a bunch of fans on the right who really enjoy the side-scrolling and levelling up system that has been introduced.


Mario Kart Wii – Weeeeeeee!

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Games
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Platform: Nintendo Wii

This game was the main reason that I re-purchased a Nintendo Wii having traded my first one in for a PS3 (shame on me).  So why did I fork out over £100 for a system just to play this game? Read on.

The game comes with a free wheel you use to direct your kart around the track.  It is all about the wheel, for if it was to respond poorly to the Wii’s sensors, then the game would be a flop.  Luckily, the wheel works wonders as you place your Wii remote into the centre of it. (more…)

Double Dragon

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Games

Platform: Game Boy

If you are lucky enough to own a Nintendo 3DS, you may have picked this game up from the eshop.  That is certainly what I did, and after playing it for a few hours, I can certainly say that it feels very outdated.  It just appears to be very sluggish, and whilst this is understandable for a game that was released in 1990, it does make you realise how far gaming has progressed in the past twenty years.

Okay, so the game itself is a beat-em up side-scroller. It  is very similar to the Double Dragon previously released on the Nes, however all of the moves are available to your fighter right from the start, making the game more enjoyable and easier to get into right from the word off.  A downside for me is that the game only has a single player feature, which feels like a waste, because the boss fights can get stupidly hard and you feel yourself crying out for some back up.


Platform: Atari 2600

Remember the Atari 2600 joystick?  It was a stick that stuck up in the middle of the pad, with a red button in the corner.  It actually looked rather rude if you’re a pervert like myself.

You will find yourself frantically pulling and pushing the stick in all directions as the sweat builds up on the palms of your hands during this game.  It is basically a button basher, and there isn’t really much skill involved at all.  You move your boxer around the ring using the stick, and you punch your opponent with the red button.  Each boxer has four moves, and they are all the same for each.  Block, punch with other hand, punch forward and punch upward.  I was quite insane during my younger years, and I often ended up putting my mouth around the stick, using my teeth for extra grip to give my hands a rest whilst they got tired.  Don’t try that at home kids.  Tastes revolting. (more…)

Platform: PC

This is a fresh installment to the Sims series, and in a way it breathes a new leash of life into a game that was starting to get old.  The big question is, will The Sims fans like it?

If you enjoyed playing The Sims just for building houses and neighbourhoods, then you will be disappointed with this latest offering from EA.  You cannot build anything on it, all you can do is furnish the interiors, but there isn’t a great deal of furniture to choose from.  This in itself for me was a little bit of  a let down, but I hated building in the Sims anyway for I was never any good at it, so it’s not something that has totally ruined the game for me.  (more…)

Platform: PC

I have been a fan of the Sims since Sims 1 all of those moons ago.  This addition to the series however is the best one.  So far.  EA pump out more Sims titles than I have hot dinners, so I say ‘so far’ because you just know they’ll soon release another one *cough cough* Sims Medieval *cough cough*.

I say it’s the best one, but what I mean by that is, it is the best one in terms of gameplay.  It is definitely not the best one when it comes to objects and building materials.  The game feels empty.  It’s as though they released it in this empty state on purpose so that they could put what was missing inside millions and zillions of expansion packs.  To me, that makes EA a bunch of money robbing scoundrels.  But it also tells me that I myself am stupid enough to go and buy them.  I must confess to only having one expansion pack for this game so far, but I will review those separately.  For now, let’s just concentrate on The Sims 3, on its own, in its entire naked form. (more…)

Super Hang On

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Games
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Platform: Sega Megadrive, GBA, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore 64, Virtual Console

This, apart from Road Rash, is one of the best motorbike racing games I have ever played!  I always find the newer motorbike games for these modern-day consoles hard to control, and easy for your rider to fall off…maybe that’s just because I’m a girl.  This game was simple in comparison.

There are two modes in this game.  One is Arcade and the other is Original.  If you want to just quickly dive in there and play through swiftly, then Arcade Mode is for you.  If however you fancy getting your teeth into something, then original mode it is, which in other words means ‘career mode’. (more…)


Posted: March 23, 2011 in Games
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Platform: NES

Remember that awful, unresponsive red gun Nintendo released for the NES?  Well, you rely on it fully for this game, and boy…don’t ya know it.

Without the gun, you can’t play this game.  With the gun, you can’t play this game.  The gun is unresponsive and it is almost impossible to shoot the enemies as they enter the screen.  You don’t just have to shoot the enemies though, you also have to shoot Mr Stevenson, who walks continuously to the right.  You have to shoot him to make him jump…but as you can imagine, this is a task and a half!  If you miss him, he will end up falling down a hole, or walking into a monster or obstacle of some sort.  The gun has bullets (not in reality of course, in the game) and you collect even more bullets as you shoot the red balloons.  Run out of bullets however, and it’s game over.  Kill Mr Stevenson (yes please), and it’s game over. (more…)

Gun Smoke – YeeHaw!

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Games
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Platform: NES

When I was a nipper, I came downstairs ready for bed in my cozy pj’s, to find my mum on the last level of Gun Smoke.  The LAST level!  My mum is hardcore.  It was also the same night that our house got invaded by wasps…but that’s another story entirely. 

My mum loved this game, and she still speaks fondly of it – and rightly so.  It’s a game about cowboys and Indians, with some ninjas thrown in.  It’s a vertical scrolling shoot-em up, where you play as Billy Bob, a bounty hunter whose task is to go after the crime lords of the Wild West.  Each mission starts with a wanted poster, and it is Bob’s job to go through each level to reach the wanted man.  It’s not easy, and it gets harder as the game goes on.  You must complete each stage to be able to progress. (more…)

Platform: Nintendo DS

I have had this game for a while now, but I have only just unburied my DS out of the back of my sock drawer and started playing it.  Why on earth did it take me so long to pick this game up and play?!  I really have been missing out – until now.

It is by far one of the best Nintendo DS games out there.  The setting is based inside a hotel, and the aim of the game is to find your missing ex colleague Bradley who seems to have gone off the straight and narrow a bit.  You play Kyle Hyde, a salesman who has visited the hotel to pick up a package.  During your stay, you meet various types of people who are all linked in some way to certain mysteries that have been happening around the place.  Your task of finding Bradley and simply collecting a package turns into a bit more than that as you try to find answers to just what the hell is going on around here. (more…)