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Platform: Atari 2600

Remember the Atari 2600 joystick?  It was a stick that stuck up in the middle of the pad, with a red button in the corner.  It actually looked rather rude if you’re a pervert like myself.

You will find yourself frantically pulling and pushing the stick in all directions as the sweat builds up on the palms of your hands during this game.  It is basically a button basher, and there isn’t really much skill involved at all.  You move your boxer around the ring using the stick, and you punch your opponent with the red button.  Each boxer has four moves, and they are all the same for each.  Block, punch with other hand, punch forward and punch upward.  I was quite insane during my younger years, and I often ended up putting my mouth around the stick, using my teeth for extra grip to give my hands a rest whilst they got tired.  Don’t try that at home kids.  Tastes revolting. (more…)


Posted: March 23, 2011 in Games
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Platform: NES

Remember that awful, unresponsive red gun Nintendo released for the NES?  Well, you rely on it fully for this game, and boy…don’t ya know it.

Without the gun, you can’t play this game.  With the gun, you can’t play this game.  The gun is unresponsive and it is almost impossible to shoot the enemies as they enter the screen.  You don’t just have to shoot the enemies though, you also have to shoot Mr Stevenson, who walks continuously to the right.  You have to shoot him to make him jump…but as you can imagine, this is a task and a half!  If you miss him, he will end up falling down a hole, or walking into a monster or obstacle of some sort.  The gun has bullets (not in reality of course, in the game) and you collect even more bullets as you shoot the red balloons.  Run out of bullets however, and it’s game over.  Kill Mr Stevenson (yes please), and it’s game over. (more…)

Gun Smoke – YeeHaw!

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Games
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Platform: NES

When I was a nipper, I came downstairs ready for bed in my cozy pj’s, to find my mum on the last level of Gun Smoke.  The LAST level!  My mum is hardcore.  It was also the same night that our house got invaded by wasps…but that’s another story entirely. 

My mum loved this game, and she still speaks fondly of it – and rightly so.  It’s a game about cowboys and Indians, with some ninjas thrown in.  It’s a vertical scrolling shoot-em up, where you play as Billy Bob, a bounty hunter whose task is to go after the crime lords of the Wild West.  Each mission starts with a wanted poster, and it is Bob’s job to go through each level to reach the wanted man.  It’s not easy, and it gets harder as the game goes on.  You must complete each stage to be able to progress. (more…)

Platform: NES

Remember when computer games were simple?  Remember when joypads only had two buttons?  Super Mario Bros was a great platformer, and helped turn Nintendo into the big gaming industry that it is today. 

Super Mario Bros was very simple to play, as you controlled Mario (a plumber, in case you didn’t know) across each level, dodging enemies, collecting coins and going down tunnels.  It revolutionised the platform genre, and it is still as successful today as it was back then in the good old 1980’s.  (more…)

Maniac Mansion

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Games
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Platform: NES, Commordore 64, Apple II, IBM PC, Amiga, Atari ST

A fun and eerie adventure.  This is how I would describe this classic game from LucasArts.  You choose a gang of kids to join the main character Dave in sneaking around the spooky mansion to try to find Dave’s missing girlfriend, Sandy.

It’s a point and click adventure, and was my favourite game for the NES.  You use an arrow to basically click different areas on the screen, with the commands being across the bottom.  The cursor did often feel slow, but it never used to take the enjoyment away.  The game consisted of lots of hidden objects and clues to find whilst you progressed through the mansion in search of Sandy. (more…)

Skool Daze

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Games
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Platform: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64

I don’t remember the Spectrum we owned too well.  I don’t even recall what model it was, all I remember was that it made an awful noise whenever it came to loading a game.  None of the games themselves really stood out for me as much as this one.  You could say that it is the original Bully:Scholarship Edition.  It’s certainly where Rockstar must have taken some inspiration from. (more…)


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Platform: Atari

Ah yes, I remember this.  I remember sitting downstairs in the bitter cold living room on a Winter night (we had no heating back then) playing the Atari with my family.  Of course, I was only really little back then, but these are the games that got me into gaming, who made me the kind of person I am today, and for that reason – Atari I salute you.

Centipede is a vertical shoot ’em up and is very addictive.  You are trapped in an enchanted forest, where the aim of the game is to shoot as many incoming insects as possible, whilst also destroying the centipede that gradually makes its way down the screen to you as it floats left and right.  If the centipede hits you, then you lose a life – simple stuff really.  Once you shoot the centipede, it splits in half, making it harder to hit as there is now two of them on the move.  There are barriers in the way, which are actually in fact mushrooms, and if the centipede touches one of these or touches the edge of the screen, it drops down a level, getting closer towards you.  You can however destroy the mushrooms with your gun, which takes about four hits to do so – this helps give you more of an area to shoot in and also prevents the centipede from hitting them. (more…)