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Platform: PC

This is a fresh installment to the Sims series, and in a way it breathes a new leash of life into a game that was starting to get old.  The big question is, will The Sims fans like it?

If you enjoyed playing The Sims just for building houses and neighbourhoods, then you will be disappointed with this latest offering from EA.  You cannot build anything on it, all you can do is furnish the interiors, but there isn’t a great deal of furniture to choose from.  This in itself for me was a little bit of  a let down, but I hated building in the Sims anyway for I was never any good at it, so it’s not something that has totally ruined the game for me.  (more…)

Platform: PC

I have been a fan of the Sims since Sims 1 all of those moons ago.  This addition to the series however is the best one.  So far.  EA pump out more Sims titles than I have hot dinners, so I say ‘so far’ because you just know they’ll soon release another one *cough cough* Sims Medieval *cough cough*.

I say it’s the best one, but what I mean by that is, it is the best one in terms of gameplay.  It is definitely not the best one when it comes to objects and building materials.  The game feels empty.  It’s as though they released it in this empty state on purpose so that they could put what was missing inside millions and zillions of expansion packs.  To me, that makes EA a bunch of money robbing scoundrels.  But it also tells me that I myself am stupid enough to go and buy them.  I must confess to only having one expansion pack for this game so far, but I will review those separately.  For now, let’s just concentrate on The Sims 3, on its own, in its entire naked form. (more…)