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Platform: Atari 2600

Remember the Atari 2600 joystick?  It was a stick that stuck up in the middle of the pad, with a red button in the corner.  It actually looked rather rude if you’re a pervert like myself.

You will find yourself frantically pulling and pushing the stick in all directions as the sweat builds up on the palms of your hands during this game.  It is basically a button basher, and there isn’t really much skill involved at all.  You move your boxer around the ring using the stick, and you punch your opponent with the red button.  Each boxer has four moves, and they are all the same for each.  Block, punch with other hand, punch forward and punch upward.  I was quite insane during my younger years, and I often ended up putting my mouth around the stick, using my teeth for extra grip to give my hands a rest whilst they got tired.  Don’t try that at home kids.  Tastes revolting. (more…)